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Consulting Service:

Have a problem Finishing your Design, Looking for a unique idea to add that final touch to your design. or just need a second opinion. . . . . .or maybe . . . . . . You just need help you look for Suppliers or Manufactures of Specialty Products or Equipment.

Key Benefits   

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Building Permit:     

Many Clients request a Preliminary Building Permit Sketch. Most of the time with New Home Construction a survey is required in which most Surveyor's will produce a Building Permit Sketch at the same time. To have your Surveyor complete the Sketch is handy, but in most cases the clients have no say in the positioning of the Dwelling and costs can be high.

       Our Goal is to help this process and do a Preliminary Building Permit Sketch at a more reasonable cost. Also to get the clients input into the Design and Layout of the Property. Once the Preliminary Sketch is complete we can just Courier a disk or Email it to your Surveyor directly. Then the Sketch can be updated by your Surveyor accordingly to meet the requirements of the City.  

    We can also assist the Builder or Owner in completing the Sketch, adding needed by-law information, Sub-Division requirements, set backs, Proposed grades and drainage information that the city requires.

Supplier / Manufacturer Managing:

    Along with doing Design Work, our company will also take on the role of Mediator or Coordinator, to ensure that the Line of Communication with Suppliers and Manufacturers is working to the Benefit of the Project and not Slowing or Pushing the Project over Budget.

    For most of the Projects we have worked on the Client is normally the Contractor and Owner, which is the smart way to go to save you money in the long run. Most of the time Suppliers and Manufacturers may Communicate using Technical Terms or they may just need more information that the Client may know. This is were we can assist, we are able to make the right decisions on your behalf to ensure that the Manufacturers and Suppliers are Helping the Project move along at a steady pace.

    We have dealt with may Manufacturers and Suppliers on our Clients behalf, in a range of area's. Here are some Example's:

Drawing Conversion:

    With the fast evolving technology of today's Building Systems and Methods it easy to fall behind or discover a new and more practical method of doing something. We are able to make the Quick changes or modifications to your Plans. This is a very common task that we work on with People Discovering the Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating, I.C.F. Wall Systems, Steel Carpentry, and much more.

Drawing Revisions: 

    When looking to Design and Build the Perfect home it is easy to find yourself making a lot of minor changes to your Designs and most of the time this can make your Architectural bill Sky Rocket out of your Budget Limit. We are well known for our Revision policy and Excellent Customer Relations. We understand that it is difficult to have some one else put the Picture you have in your head on paper. This is Why we Strive to Make sure that you are don't have to pay for missed or minor design details on your plans. 

Drawing Digitizing:

Residential / Renovations:    If you are looking to do Renovations of an existing Dwelling and need some plans for your Building Permit, we are able to Visit the site and Measure the Renovations Area and create the required Plans. Maybe you have Hand Drawn Plans and Just need the Modifications made to them. Either way we are able to get the Job done using today's technology of Scanning and Computers to make this a quick and Cost effective Process.

Contractor / Commercial / Renovations:    Doing Work on an Existing Building that has existing Plans but need confirmation of the Dimensions. We are able to Validate the Plans and Make due notation of any Major Discrepancies. At the Same time we are able to Digitize the Drawings into a CAD Format and Enable quick communications with Manufacturers, Suppliers and/or Sub-Contractors to get Pricing, Specifications or Material Take Offs.

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